Twentytwo in Blue by Sunflower Bean

Nat: I didn’t really listen to them very much until this album came out, just because it was coming out the week after ours, and then I went and saw them at Koko in London like last week and she’s amazing, Julia Cumming, I’m obsessed with her now. And this record is all kind of good feels, like Fleetwood Mac, it’s really throwback, easy, breezy, natural, there’s no faffing around with it, it’s just straight up lovely and I think they’re rad.

Ctrl by SZA

Nat: I can’t remember the last time I’ve loved everything on an album, and it’s so not me because none of it is pop. Nothing repeats itself, it’s just sick melody after sick melody, I just think it’s amazing and I’m obsessed with her. What’s my favourite song? Probably 'Supermodel', oh no, 'Prom'. 'Prom' is my favourite, it’s amazing.

The Big Cover-up by Todd Terje & The Olsens

Sam: Now the thing about this one is, I haven’t actually listened to it. The interesting part is, when we were in LA I went to Amoeba, the massive, massive record store, and I just went and bought a few records on the strength of their artwork. So I saw a Todd Terje record and I was like “Well that looks really interesting”, it was all bright colours and party vibes, so I just went “Yeah, I’ll buy that” and went home and happened to love the music. And that was a pretty cool story, to be fair. But I’ve listened to this artist, so it’s got to be amazing.

Nat: This is what you have to do at all the vinyl fairs and stuff, because you can’t listen to it.

Sam: But then again, the other way, I have bought records where I thought “That artwork looks wicked” and the music has turned out to be awful. But then that’s the chance you take.

Bad by Michael Jackson

Nat: You can’t go wrong since his first release, ever. It’s so beyond its time, we take so much influence for all the production and everything, it’s absolutely beyond anything. We’re crazy mad MJ fans. I mean, every single song on this, it’s like how can one person just put out banger after banger? There’s always a few shit songs on a record. He’s perfect.

Purple Rain by Prince and the Revolution

Nat: Prince is incredible. Maybe one of the best, if not the best - apart from David Byrne, obviously - performers of all time. I was desperately sad when he died, and I think two days after he died I had a flight to LA. Purple Rain the movie was on the plane and I watched it, and I was out of control crying. The film is really terrible but it’s just brilliant. When he plays 'Purple Rain' it’s just such a moment. Prince, incredible.

Ultimate Production by Frankie Knuckles

Sam: This record is just classic. This is obviously a compilation, but it’s got the one on it, it’s got 'Your Love' the original mix, which is a house classic. When this guy died a couple years ago it was all over Facebook, people were posting it everywhere. Instant classic, I love it.

Three by Phantogram

Nat: I don’t love everything from this band, but I would listen to this record based upon 'You Don’t Get Me High Anymore' alone, because it’s just so good. We were obsessed with this song, we played it nonstop in the Ubers when we were in LA. Then I listened to my favourite podcast called Song Exploder, and they did this song, and they just made me fall in love with it all over again because I could appreciate it in all its little sections. I think it’s amazing, I love it.

Damaged by Black Flag

Sam: I had a phase in uni, on my second year, of just listening to hardcore punk, which is a completely different world to the music that the band makes. Completely different. So I got this Black Flag record, I got it on eBay, and listened to it hundreds of times because the songs are two minutes long and so it goes on and on. In particular 'Rise Above' and 'Six Pack', oh 'Gimme Gimme Gimme' is amazing too! It’s weird because it’s just a moment in time because nothing like this is ever going to happen again.

Random Access Memories by Daft Punk and Your Love Will Set You Free (c2’s Set U Free Remix) by Caribou

Sam: Now these two records are more representative of the artists because I love all of the earlier stuff of Daft Punk and all of the aliases and side projects that those guys did, there are hits and you don’t even know it’s them. And then Caribou, I saw them play on telly, a Glastonbury show and the whole band was so close together and the sun was setting and they were playing 'Your Love'. It was just like, that’s a moment. Even though it was on telly I could feel that was something special. So these two are representative of those separate moments.

A huge thanks to Rough Trade NYC for allowing us to take these photos in their excellent shop. To learn more about Fickle Friends, head here. You'll find more photos from the shoot below, along with the video for 'Wake Me Up'.

Record Shopping with... Fickle Friends
Record Shopping with... Fickle Friends
Record Shopping with... Fickle Friends