My Favourite Worst Nightmare by Arctic Monkeys

Amber: This record is the first contact I had with rock and roll from nowadays. When I started to play the drums, I covered, or tried to cover, their songs. I used to put my headphones and play something similar. They’re kind of the reason I play drums.

A Lot of Dominoes by Fats Domino

Carlotta: This is the only album of his they have here, but it doesn’t really matter because all his songs are great. This is like '50s music and I think we really, really, really don’t make music like this anymore. And I love it, they talk about very simple feelings that can make you feel better, and they communicate it in a very genuine way. I feel like this is very pure music.

Horses by Patti Smith

Ana: It’s more of her, and her being an icon, than this record. Just Kids is one of my favourite books ever because I love the way she is, the way she tells stories is so relaxing and so real. I related to how she was feeling when she was meeting all her heroes, and then she ended up being the hero of so many other women.

Rock n Roll Animal by Lou Reed

Amber: This is the record my dad was playing every day at home. I was born in the north of Spain and then when I was 4 or 5 we moved to Madrid, and this is the only we could save from our other place.


Carlotta: QTY! Chose this first of all because we’re playing with them tomorrow. Second of all because I really, really liked the songs. We met Dan a very long time ago and I had no idea he started a band, and suddenly like “Oh my God! This is Dan!”. Amber texted him like “Dude, QTY is cool!”. He’s such a sweet boy. It’s always good to support new bands and good music.

Thriller and Bad by Michael Jackson

Carlotta: I picked Thriller because it just looks incredible. And Bad because I like the songs off this one more. My dad used to listen to Michael a lot, and I didn’t realise I was such a big fan until suddenly I am! I don’t know why, I have it in my bones and he was such a great, great artist.

Rumours by Fleetwood Mac

Amber: This, I just love it so much.

Who, Me? by Juan Walters

Ana: This is also about him just in general, because when we first started writing music we suddenly discovered all these bands like Mac DeMarco, Juan Walters, and all that wave of music that is happening now because we used to listen to music that was older. We were like “Fuck, you can do music nowadays, you don’t have to be dead to make good tunes”. And Juan Walters was one of our favourite songwriters, like the melodies he does. And he gave us the idea of something we do on every recording. He uses nylon guitars, like Spanish guitars, and now in every song, on the back of the song, we have nylon guitars to make it warm and make it more Spanish.

Loner by Caroline Rose

Carlotta: We met her at SXSW but didn’t get to see her play. She wears this jumpsuit every single night, and her music is awesome.

Rumours by Fleetwood Mac, RAM by Paul McCartney, Electric Warrior by T. Rex

Ade: The theme of my vinyl was music I listen to when I do crosswords in the van. It’s Rumours by Fleetwood Mac, RAM by Paul McCartney, and Electric Warrior by T. Rex, I got the t-shirt for this one too. [I do crosswords to these because] I started thinking “If I listen to music that I know perfectly, like the lyrics and everything, I can concentrate on something else”. So I started saying what bands are incredibly huge and I haven’t sat down and listened to them? And I started thinking about big names and T. Rex I was like “I know some of the songs but I’ve never listened to a record”, Fleetwood Mac the same, Paul McCartney was like “He has solo stuff!”.

Onion by Shannon and The Clams

Carlotta: This is their latest album, it’s called Onion. I got this one because it’s always good to support an artist’s latest album, they’ve just released this, and we’re friends with them. But we were fans before we were friends, and still we are more fans than friends. The way they treat the guitars and the vocals is just incredible, I just love everything they do.

Sweet ’17 Singles by Twin Peaks

Carlotta: My loves! This fucking Sweet ’17 Singles, I’ve been listening to it nonstop for like two months. They deserve to be selected because of how much I love them, but these fucking songs are beyond great. I love this compilation, it’s so delightful to listen to.

A huge thanks to Rough Trade NYC for allowing us to take these photos in their beautiful shop. To learn more about Hinds, head here. You'll find more photos from the shoot below, along with our recent Exchange interview with the band.

Record Shopping with... Hinds
Record Shopping with... Hinds
Record Shopping with... Hinds
Record Shopping with... Hinds