Beach House - Teen Dream

Record Shopping with LaurelThis is my favourite record ever. I used to walk through London in a dreamland listening to this record. It reminds me of a time in my life that I cherish so much.

Ariel Pink - Dedicated To Bobby Jameson

Record Shopping with LaurelI’m obsessed with Ariel Pink. I love how all the music he makes is non-constricted. He doesn’t feel like he has to keep to one sound and just makes whatever he feels like.

Allah-Las - Allah-Las

Record Shopping with LaurelThe guitars in this record are unreal. They take me to another place whilst I’m listening to them - better one listening to whilst on the beach with a cocktail.

Mac DeMarco - Salad Days

Record Shopping with LaurelThis is the first record I heard of Mac’s when I watched his documentary Pepperoni Playboy. His attitude towards making music is really refreshing and reminds me not to take it all too seriously, whilst still trying to make great music.

Patti Smith - Horses

Record Shopping with LaurelThe way she combines poetry with music is pure genius. I read her book Kids recently and it inspired me beyond belief not to take the easy route and really push your artistic abilities.

Stone Roses - Stone Roses

Record Shopping with Laurel'I Wanna Be Adored’ is one of my favourite songs of all time. The whole album just has the one of the best sounds an album could possibly have in my opinion.


Check out more photos from the shoot below, along with the video for 'Lovesick'. A big thank you to Rough Trade East for their hospitality.

Record Shopping with... LAUREL