Almost exactly a year after her previous single (that's 'Best Behaviour') Louisa is back with a certified banger - in the bold, empowering shape of 'YES'. YES THAT STYLISATION IN THE NAME IS PART OF THE DEAL.

The quite-large sounding single features 2 Chainz, with Camille Purcell (Little Mix, The Script) and Bully (Chainsmokers, Galantis) taking-on writing duties; and well done to all involved as it's seriously good, please do take care in stepping over snatched wigs on your commute in today. Having won the little-known show called The X Factor in 2015, fans have been eager to hear an album from the popstar; and while not officially confirmed, this is something that is due to happen later this year.

At the height of 'Best from the East'-mania, we had a lovely afternoon inside the warmth of Rough Trade East with Louisa, and asked her to pick out some of her very favourite albums. Here's a little photo essay of the experience.

Our verdict is to just say "yes to 'YES'" (which is something our Lou said in her interview with Popjustice this week), and it's out as of today.



Record Shopping with Louisa at Rough Trade East"I have always listened to Eminem since I was a child. My dad was and still is a massive fan. He always played this album on long car journeys so it always reminds me of happy times as a kid."

Katy Perry

Record Shopping with Louisa at Rough Trade East"This album is so much fun. It's my favourite album from her. There are so many amazing pop tunes on here. It's a real feel good album. I love Katy!"

Stevie Wonder

Record Shopping with Louisa at Rough Trade East "Stevie is a legend. I always use to sing Stevie songs in my school plays and performances. Lots of these songs bring back so many memories for me. You can't get better than Stevie!"

Paul Weller

Record Shopping with Louisa at Rough Trade East"Again, my dad was a big influence when it comes to me liking Paul Weller. He is just a great musician and songwriter, a real talent. We would always listen to him at home and this album reminds me of special family times!"

Amy Winehouse

Record Shopping with Louisa at Rough Trade East"This album could possibly be my favourite of all time. Amy is the best. My sisters and I use to sing 'Valerie' together all the time, like a little girl group. There are so many iconic tunes on this album. Every track is a standout and everybody loves Amy don't they!"

Miley Cyrus

Record Shopping with Louisa at Rough Trade East"I've been a fan of Miley's forever. This album is a complete change of direction for her, but I love it. So many good songs. What I love about Miley is that she's not afraid to constantly reinvent herself. That's why she's stuck around for so long. She's always changing and evolving."