From Fleetwood Mac to Grimes, Stevie Scott's music taste is varied to say the least. But what else did you expect from the lead singer of Machineheart? Check out Stevie's picks below, which were wonderfully captured by Chiara Gambuto at Rough Trade East.


Kate Bush - The Kick Inside

Is literally one of my most iconic records. It was definitely a 'self-discovery' moment for me when I heard that, because I just moved to L.A. actually and someone told me "oh, you remind me of Kate Bush" and I was like "who is this person, I have no idea". But listening to that, it was just eye-opening and gave me self-assuredness. I think that's what Kate carries, it's that confidence in what she does, like, it's so out there but it's so her and she's totally cool with it!

The Beach Boys - Endless Summer

I picked it because they didn't have Pet Sounds! But it's also a great one and I love The Beach Boys because it reminds me of my Dad! Growing up it was just one of those things that floated into my mind subconscious and Brian is such an amazing writer; you feel when you listen to that album.

Oasis - (What's the story) Morning Glory?

I hope it doesn't seem pedestrian picking that because I'm here in London! For us in L.A. it's great to see something that's not really 'our style', it's different for us so maybe it's stereotypical here but not for us. It's so cocky actually but I like that because I think sometimes you need a little bit of that and I tend to be the opposite of that. As an artist, you need that bit of confidence. They might have a bit too much, but they're oasis so they're allowed to! I think it's the brotherhood; there's something really special about the people you create with and you hear it in this record.

Bob Dylan - The Times They Are a-Changin'

It's such a good reminder because as artists we have a voice! Music is spiritual and transcendent. It's our job and our privilege to get to use our voice in that way and he's a great reminder of that, constantly.

Grimes - Art Angels

This is such a good album because it's a bit bipolar and it's awesome the way that she channels all these different characters. I guess I really relate to her in the sense that I feel a bit ADD at times. Musically, I think she found a really cool way to harness that and then channel it in these different personalities. It's just interesting and I so admire her for the fact that she does it all and she's able to take what's in her head and translate that. It's huge. I think that's the challenge as an artist. You can be inspired but then how do you express it? She does a great job of expressing it.

Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

My all time favourite record! This one will put me a good mood no matter what. Spotify just re-released the old demos from Rumours and it's awesome because you can go through and listen to the progression. Like, 'The Chain', Stevie wrote that song, and it's so cool! I just love hearing the start to finish and how translates.

Again, the most important thing for me as an artist, when I'm writing is that I feel it because who would feel it if I can't? With Rumours I know that's what they were doing and there's something really special about that time of their career, with Stevie and Lindsey having broken up but still writing about their experiences really honestly and openly. To be in a band with the person you're writing about is really interesting and I love that.

I like the amount of literal, with metaphoric that they intertwine. It's so perfect, it's very tasteful and you still get it. And you can be imagining and daydreaming while listening to it as well and I think that's important, I don't like to be super literal when I write because I think it's important for the listener to relate to themselves and maybe kind of weave their story into mine. I really hope that's what they do when they listen to our music.

Listen to Machineheart's latest track, 'Speak In Tongues', below.