Taylor Swift’s Full Discography (represented here by Fearless, Speak Now, and Reputation)

Ciàra: Fearless. I was in high school when this came out.

Heather: Yeah, same. It’s just such a great album, she never puts out a bad album does she?

Ciàra: But this is so old though.

Heather: Oh my god do you remember (simultaneously) 'Love Story'?

Ciàra: (simultaneously) 'Love Story'. 'Fearless' is a tune.

Heather: She was just a voice for every angsty teenager, every young girl growing up. She was the voice for that and I think she’s such a great pop artist, and the way she writes pop is just genius.

Ciàra: The way she tells stories.

Heather: Yeah, she tells them so in depth but in such a good metaphorical way. I just think a lot of people relate to her.

Ciàra: People only hate her now because she’s so fucking good. They’re jealous. How many tunes does she have?!

Heather: Every one of these is pretty much a tune.

Ciàra: Speak Now. That was a high school one as well.

Heather: Oh, 'Back to December'! I used to listen to that on repeat so much.

Ciàra: This one’s dramatic.

Heather: I feel like with this record she went a bit darker, with 'Haunted', 'Enchanted', 'Back to December'. It was a lot more intense.

Ciàra: 'Mine' is my favourite.

Heather: That was such a big song wasn’t it.

Ciàra: (grabs Reputation) The best one on this…

Heather: 'Getaway Car'…

Ciàra: No! 'Dress'!

Heather: Yes, so good!

Ciàra: In that song there’s things that are like “Oh, fuck, we would do that”. Melodies and stuff that really reminded us of us.

Heather: We take quite a lot of inspiration off this record, especially with the production side of things.

Ciàra: 'Dancing With Our Hands Tied' is so good. I didn’t expect that at all.

Heather: She’s so talented, isn’t she?

Sam’s Town - The Killers

Ciàra: 'For Reasons Unknown' - that’s such a tune. 'Read My Mind'… Aw, I’ve not listened to this album for so long! I like it was well because his voice sounds like Robert Smith but an American version. It’s a really good album. They really created their own sounds.

Everyone That Dragged You Here - Real Friends

Heather: I used to listen to Real Friends quite a lot when I was back in college and I had a pop-punk band. We wanted to be like Paramore and I was the singer, obviously. I listened to Real Friends, Neck Deep, pretty much all of the really mainstream pop-punk bands. There’s something about these guys that I really love. I really love how desperate his voice is, but I’m surprisingly more into the acoustic versions that they do rather than the full band thing because I love when you can hear desperation and honesty in someone’s voice, and the acoustic really brings it out.

The Eagles (Represented by Desperado)

Ciàra: I grew up listening to The Eagles with my mum and dad, I have fun memories. And maybe I’m a drummer because of Don Henley.

Like a Prayer - Madonna

Heather: Overall Madonna is one of the artists that really inspire us and our band. Not just musically but aesthetically and visually I think her vision for the whole world of art is just phenomenal.

Ciàra: She’s very forward thinking.

Heather: She was, wasn’t she?

Ciàra: With fashion and everything.

Heather: And you know she wasn’t really scared and never got threatened by what she was doing. 'Like a Prayer' for instance, that caused so much conversation. We really look up to her, I think she’s a true icon. If anyone says name some icons I will always list Madonna. And I think this album, Like a Prayer, is one of my favourites. But I think my favourite by her is Madonna self-titled.

Ciàra: Yeah that is the best one. You can just listen to that all the way through.

Summertime ’06 - Vince Staples

Ciàra: Vince Staples, amazing. He’s one of my favourite rappers because his voice is really different. I really like his rhythms as well and his songs are different. He’s got really cool bass lines in the songs, that’s why I really like him. 'Norf Norf' is my favourite song.

Check out more photos from the shoot below, along with the awesome video for 'Heavenly'.

Record Shopping with... Pale Waves
Record Shopping with... Pale Waves
Record Shopping with... Pale Waves
Record Shopping with... Pale Waves
Record Shopping with... Pale Waves
Record Shopping with... Pale Waves