Among the numerous bands that made their debut in 2017, Rips is one to consider for a longevity. The Brooklyn rockers’ June self-titled release plays like an indie classic. With hooks, melodies, and energetic beats, the foursome effortlessly weave in and out of genres. During their recent west coast tour, we took the band to the oldest record shop in Portland, Music Millennium, and had them talk about some of their favourite albums. We also gave Rips bit of cash to buy something, and they picked out The Documentary by The Game.


Gary Canino (bass)

Record Shopping with RipsLink Wray - Be What You Want To: Obviously, people know him for his great surf guitar work. But as the seventies went on, he started to make these great singer-songwriter records. If you listen to his later records, it almost sounds like proto-punk, the guitar is breaking up in this crazy way, and his singing… you can see these crazy videos of him wearing aviators, he’s got his shirt unbuttoned all the way, kinda like a rock n’ roller crazy guitar playing… and you can see how much Neil Young was influenced by him around the same period. Love Link Wray!

Record Shopping with RipsCarlos Erasmo - Carlos, Erasmo: Who is pretty famous in Brazil but maybe not as famous here. This is just one of those amazing records you know. I used to work at a restaurant, and I’d put it on. And five different people would ask me what it is. You can’t say that about most things. Just really amazing pop musician from Brazil.

Bono Melendrez (guitar)

Record Shopping with RipsJohnny Thunders - So Alone: My friend Mike who I used to work with, listened to him all the time. And it reminds me of him, and then of a few years ago… 'You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory' is really good. But then it also has some rock n’ roll songs like 'Great Big Kiss'. So really a good singer-songwriter album.

Record Shopping with RipsYo La Tengo - I’m Not Afraid of You, and I Will Beat Your Ass It’s kinda all over the place, but the opening track on it is like this really pulsating long 11-minute song that’s really awesome. Kinda inspired some of our songs. Our record is similar to this - where we write songs that are a bit all over the place that don’t really go together but working in a certain way.

Henry Northington (drums)

Record Shopping with RipsGary Numan - Pleasure Principle My sister had this when I was a kid and wouldn’t really ever let me listen to it. The only song I ever knew off of it at that time was 'Cars' which was the one everybody knew obviously. When I got older, I finally got my own copy. And as a young drummer, I was really taken by the sort of robotic, matter-of-fact machine-like style of Cedric… This album has probably been the biggest influence on my drumming, and I ripped it off pretty much wholesale my entire musical life!

Record Shopping with RipsCarcass - Heartwork I have loved shitty metal my entire life. It was never something I took seriously. I just love crappy eighties hair metal, thrash, and shit like that. Probably at 14 or so, a friend recommended this record to me. And this is probably the first metal album I took seriously. And I don’t really know why but there’s something about the whole thing it just feels like a serious record instead of some toss of bullshit like most of the other metal I listened to growing up. And it’s just like, for lack of better word, it’s heavy, extremely punishing, it’s like a nice blend of thrash and death metal.

Dan Abary (vocals)

Record Shopping with RipsGang of Four - Hard: It’s kinda like when they were making pop music, a weird record for them. It’s got dance hits on it. The first track on side A ('Is It Love')… is pretty cool. They actually have longer, extended version of it for parties and stuff. It was like when they were trying to make more dance music for a cool punk band.

Record Shopping with RipsBroadcast - Haha Sound: Wonderful record. Wonderful band. Beautiful stuff going on here. It is part of the music now or at least for me when I listen to it because you always think of the context and the history of this band. But tonally, making music, this band just like how it inspired so many other musicians - I think like what they’re doing with just like the way they kinda arranged the songs and used different textures, and even just vocals. Solid record. It’s a good music for listening to it on headphones. I generally don't prefer to listen to music via headphones, but this record is wonderful for like a long train ride. Good for commutes.


And now for some more shots from our time at Music Millennium, Portland.

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