Heart - Dreamboat Annie: Weirdly I didn't really listen to Heart until quite late but they're amazing. 'Crazy On You' is totally entrancing with Nancy Wilson's mesmerising guitar intro and the way the vocals go from sugary whispers to wild caterwauls, plus I love their name and logo.

Wipers - Over the Edge: I absolutely love the Wipers but I've only got their albums on my laptop. I used to listen to them back to back so it'd be good to hear them as records and take some time over them. I love how melodic and miserable their songs are. I think they're one of the first bands that I really tried to copy the guitar sound from.


The Gun Club - Danse Kalinda Boom (Live in Pandora's Box): Camille actually picked this out for me and it's totally amazing. This line up of The Gun Club is my favourite: Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Kid Congo Powers and Patricia Morrison. Patricia Morrison alone was in maybe the three greatest bands of all time (TGC, Sisters of Mercy, The Damned). The sleeve is a dreamy mess of flowers, big Goth hair and cowboy hats.

The Cramps - Psychedelic Jungle: I defy anyone to listen to this and not want to sleep with the entire band. The way Lux sings on 'Green Fuz', you can kind of see where Thurston Moore got it from. And of course: Kid Congo Powers is on here too. A few years later and he's bringing some Crampy-Gun-Club magic to the Bad Seeds. He must be my unofficial hero...


Status Quo - Pile Driver: I wish I had taken the time to see "The Quo" live, they are real men because they don't feel the need to play more than two notes to impress you. They invented grunge.

Lowell George - Thanks I'll eat it here.: Chris who used to be in my other band Spector would probably have tried to make us call our album this if the title wasn't already taken. When I read this it felt like I knew exactly the kind of person Lowell George was. Imagine the comical aspect of Chris mixed with the talent of the lead singer/guitarist of Little Feat I thought. Luckily it was also under £7 which is cheap for vinyl nowadays, even take away, LOWELL!!!

Tim Burgess

Run The Jewels - 3: I'd not really heard any hip-hop for a while that totally blew the speakers up - I'd noticed the cover art work was everywhere and it had got into my subconscious. Then I heard the 'Everybody Stay Calm' and it was love at first listen. I am a late comer to the Run The Jewels party but I'll definitely be sticking around. You know when you're making a good purchase when you're offered a solid gold heavyweight medallion with the vinyl.

TEAR's mini-album, VINYL01, is out March 17th via Tim Burgess' O Genesis Recordings. Listen to 'Careless Again' below.