Imogen Mason

Record Shopping with Wovoka GentleYo La Tengo - That Is Yo La Tengo: I haven’t heard this EP yet; I’ve been in love with Yo La Tengo for ages but only saw them for the first time at the Royal Festival Hall earlier this year. It was just a total masterclass in creating maximum impact with minimum instrumentation. I feel like everything they do is completely considered yet also lo-fi and free. They achieve that balance perfectly. This record is early, from 1991, and it’s always interesting to hear the early work of a band who have had such a long and influential career.

Record Shopping with Wovoka GentleSlint - Spiderland: Weirdly enough this record is also from 1991! This album is pretty influential on Wovoka Gentle- it’s a complete classic. It’s amazing to think that the band was so young when they made it, as it contains so much complexity and dynamism. I just love the way it experiments with spoken word passages, weird time signatures and extreme dynamic shifts, and also the way moments of chaos and noise are set against moments of sensitivity and restraint. We saw in this New Year listening to this album in full with a bottle of Whisky, so it holds some great memories for me.

William J. Stokes

Record Shopping with Wovoka GentleSunn 0))) - Kannon: I love Sunn 0))) and think Stephen O’Malley is a bit of a genius. I don’t consider myself into any kind of metal at all, and the first time I listened to Sunn 0))) I expected to have to kind of make myself enjoy it, but their music is just so physical and encompassing, particularly on headphones. Despite the robes and things, they’re actually keen to disassociate themselves with the spiritually dark side of metal or black metal, which is really important for me. It’s just about the raw sound and the ritual of making music- even their name is just the brand of amplifiers they use. I absolutely love the record they made with Scott Walker as well. A total match made in heaven.

Record Shopping with Wovoka GentleFlying Saucer Attack - New Lands: I think this is a re-issue. I’m originally from the West Country, so was really inspired to learn about some of the folk and experimental bands that came out of Bristol during the '90s, and how much of a community they had, all featuring on each other’s stuff. Flying Saucer Attack, Movietone, The Third Eye Foundation, and those kinds of bands. This record has this lo-fi, really Boards Of Canada vibe running through it but underneath the noise are these really tender songs.

Ellie Mason

Record Shopping with Wovoka GentlePrimal Scream - Screamadelica: I saw Primal Scream in 2011 at festival when they completely blew me away with their sound - I didn’t know it at the time but they were performing the whole of Screamadelica in full. My first proper listen to this album, however, was two years ago and I have been pretty addicted to it ever since! It's quite a profound experience soaking in not only the intense joy of the brass hooks and infectious percussive groove that leads you through the record but also the lyrical content, the spoken word moments and the gospel choir hit home important messages of unity and freedom. Plus the experimental aspect of the record peppered with samples, sirens and synth bleeps and bloops are always a winner for me!

Record Shopping with Wovoka GentleFlaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots: An album about a Japanese woman fighting off androids just had to be one of my favourite records in the shop! It’s pretty short- only 45mins - with two instrumental tracks, but it’s absolutely packed to the brim with ideas and experiments and extremely hooky and sometimes quite dark songs. I’m particularly a big fan of the synth strings, video game sounds and all of the vocal manipulation - as well as the hilarious crowd noises and laser beams.

Check out Wovoka Gentle performing 'Branscombe' below. It's truly stunning.

Record Shopping with Wovoka Gentle
Record Shopping with Wovoka Gentle
Record Shopping with Wovoka Gentle
Record Shopping with Wovoka Gentle