Record Shopping with YONAKADr Dre - 2001 - This was on constant rotation in my early teens. I love playing along with the album. The bass lines are so melodic and hooky, yet still provide a solid rhythmic foundation. Dre at his absolute best.


Record Shopping with YONAKAJeff Buckley - Grace - This album does something to me that I've never experienced before within music. It makes me feel like every lyric is for me. It's the most beautiful and painful thing I have ever heard and, probably, ever will. I only discovered this album around four years ago and it massively influenced the way I wrote. It allowed the beauty of darkness to enter my melodies and lyrics and made me realise that it was ok to write in this way. He allows you to feel his pain and the way he loved - it's just incredible. One of my biggest inspirations.


Record Shopping with YONAKANirvana - Nevermind - For me, this album is all about the production quality. Everything sounds incredible while still capturing the raw energy of the band and it sounds timeless. I love how original and simplistic the songs on this album are as well.

Record Shopping with YONAKABlack Sabbath - Paranoid - I chose this album because of how raw and totally raucous the whole thing is throughout. It’s a really honest and accurate capturing of how Sabbath would have sounded as if you were watching them live. There’s not many albums I can name that have a track called 'Rat Salad' on them; it’s totally over the top and ridiculous but I love it! Plenty of stinky riffs are always a bonus as well.


Record Shopping with YONAKAEarl Sweatshirt - Doris - This is without a doubt my favourite album, ever. The lyric content blended with darkness and a worldly production. It’s got songs that one minute make you walk down the street clenching your fists, the next you’ll be crying. Twirl with Earl.


Check out the video 'Bubblegum', which was directed by Libby Burke Wilde, along with more photos from our time with YONAKA at Sister Ray Records.