Revolver - The Beatles

Record Shopping with Yungblud at Creep Records This is so important. I haven't got this for myself and I've always wanted it, and it's such a hard record to find. My granddad used to play me this record, he's got an original press and he used to play me this record on a Friday night. I was so young and I used to go to my granddad's house on a Friday night and I'd only ever make it through side one because I'd fall asleep, he used to have it in his bedroom and put me to bed. 'Taxman', I love that song. I love this, and the artwork and everything. This is when they shifted from "yeah man we're a pop act" to "let's just try and change shit". I've got to get this because I've got to have this on vinyl.

Sublime - Sublime

Record Shopping with Yungblud at Creep Records A guy called Ben Jackson put me onto this band because Ben was the first person I started writing songs with. I remember writing this pop song with him when I was 13 and he was like "dude you can write music". Obviously, I love The Clash and stuff, but I'd never really heard of Sublime at 13, and he put me onto this. When I heard 'Wrong Way' I was like "oh my god, this is singing about issues, this is singing about real stuff".

As a kid, since I've got so much energy and ADHD, I was misunderstood. Just because I didn't conform to a box people misunderstood me and they didn't give me a chance, they just thought I was a troublemaker and thought I was annoying because I expressed myself in a different way to what they were used to. I remember feeling like I had no outlet, and I remember that it was The Clash, Eminem, Alex Turner, Sublime who were singing about issues and being angry but doing it in a way that made me jump about. It blew my mind. I love this record.

'Wrong Way' was a big moment for me, in the same way, that 'My Name Is' by Eminem was, like "I can talk about issues and real stuff in music and I don't have to dial it down". Right now I'm so bored because everything's so fucking stale. If I hear "bitch get down" or "I love you baby" one more time I'm going to be sick. And politics for young people - the world is such a crazy place, I can't believe people aren't talking about it in pop music or rock music. That's why I'm more inspired by rap and hip-hop right now because they're representing something - I might not necessarily agree with what they're representing but they make me feel the same way that The Clash made me feel.

Never Mind the Bollocks - Sex Pistols

Record Shopping with Yungblud at Creep Records Johnny Rotten, Mick Jagger, Freddie Mercury, Kurt Cobain. Watching them - as soon as they stepped on stage it was a performance. I think that has gotten lost again. Right now, for me, rock and roll is on life support because it's just four dickheads in leather jackets singing about nothing. To me, that's not what it's about. To be rock and roll you don't have to smash your gear up onstage, it's about what you represent. For me, Rosa Parks was fucking rock and roll, you're either rock and roll or you're not. That's why I think it's in a situation right now, because no one's singing about anything, just four pretty boys singing about bullshit and it's boring. And it's all been done before, it's not being reinvented. It's old blokes in Def Leppard t-shirts just holding it back, being cynical, and to them, I say fuck you.

Melodrama - Lorde (which wasn't available at the store, but is important for YUNGBLUD so we took an honorary picture with him holding an invisible record that symbolises Melodrama)

Record Shopping with Yungblud at Creep Records

dont smile at me EP - Billie Eilish (also not available at store, so we took a photo of Billie's track on the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack to include her)

Record Shopping with Yungblud at Creep Records Lorde's just fundamentally in her own lane. She just represents this movement of female empowerment and not giving a fuck. Her and Billie Eilish right now are the two girls I'm obsessed with. I think they're insane, they're changing shit. They do not conform to anything, and that's the artist I want to be. Don't conform to what's hot right now. If you're not changing shit, or if you're not talking about anything, you're not representing anything, you're not an artist you're a singer, and fuck being a singer.

The Eminem Show - Eminem

Record Shopping with Yungblud at Creep Records The Eminem Show is just sick. Eminem was such a big influence for me, I found him when I was in the first period of figuring out that my parents weren't always right, and he got me in a way - he spoke about the world in such a way that I was like "shit!", it almost took my breath away. The sick thing about this album are the skits in between - the Steve Berman skit is fucking hilarious "I can't sell this shit!" it's hilarious the way he combines comedy in this record, and 'White America' is just dope. Again, just singing about real shit and he just blew my fucking mind to smithereens.

London Calling - The Clash

Record Shopping with Yungblud at Creep Records

Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not - Arctic Monkeys (weren't available in store, cue sad/despairing photo of Yungblud on the floor, but he wanted to talk about them)

Record Shopping with Yungblud at Creep Records London Calling was just so good, it was the first time I heard politics being spoken about in music. It was so inspiring for me because it made me want to mosh and jump about but it was about something that was so serious. The thing about Joe Strummer as a role model for me is that he was never entitled as an artist. I never want to be an entitled artist. The best thing in the world for me has been the connection already. I get DMs on Instagram from people saying "you're the only person in the world that gets me" and "you're providing me with answers" and stuff, and for me, that's better than any magazine, whatever. Because that's real.

Fingers crossed so many people hear the music and I become the fucking biggest artist on the planet, but I still want to have the connection because Joe Strummer always did - he was never an artist that played a show, got in a van, and fucked off and didn't see his fans. I hate that, I think it's disgusting because they put you there. That's what I love about Joe Strummer, he's real, that's who he was, and I think it's dope.

And the Arctic Monkeys obviously, Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not album was just incredible. It just got in my head the north growing up for me. That was me, 13 years old with my best mate Adam smoking cigarettes going to the corner shop. It painted a picture of the north that was so special and it just got in my head. I was like "You're the only person in the world that gets me and how the hell do you do that because you've never even met me?".

DAMN. - Kendrick Lamar

Record Shopping with Yungblud at Creep Records I'm finding words to express this. Every fucking song on this. You get an album and you think "Okay, this is cool, I'm going to skip to the next one" but every song on this, from 'DNA.' to 'HUMBLE.' and their stomping, uptempo aggressiveness to go to 'LOVE.' featuring Zacari on it, and the track with Rihanna. It was like fuck. Sonically, musically it just pushed so many boundaries. I would love to meet Kendrick one day and be like "teach me".


Check out more photos from the shoot below, along with the video for 'Polygraph Eyes', which is taken from Yungblud's self-titled debut EP (available now via Locomotion/Geffen Records).

Record Shopping with.. Yungblud
Record Shopping with.. Yungblud
Record Shopping with.. Yungblud
Record Shopping with.. Yungblud
Record Shopping with.. Yungblud
Record Shopping with.. Yungblud
Record Shopping with.. Yungblud