Update: It appears "Vinyl Tuesday" confused everyone. Here's Record Store Day's statement on their new initiative:

Despite what you may have read on blog and website posts with inaccurate headlines, Record Store Day is not "about to go weekly". Record Store Day, the third Saturday in April, is and will remain a special celebration of the independent record store, with limited edition, exclusive releases on vinyl, CD and other formats as one part of that party. Record Store Day, the organization of volunteers who work year-round to spread the word about indie record stores, will continue to do just that, and one way is with what we're calling Vinyl Tuesday. (Yes, we gave it a name because a name and logo go a long way towards getting things publicized in this world we live in).

Recently, a group of people, mostly outside the US, decided that physical music releases would start coming on Fridays, globally. (For the record, a global streetdate makes sense, but for a lot of valid reasons, which were outlined to this group, many retailers and others affected by this think Friday is the wrong day.) Vinyl Tuesday is a way for us to encourage artists, labels, distributors and managers to continue to release physical music on Tuesdays when they can. This allows physical retailers to have something fresh to sell and to talk about during the week, and lets those releases not just get lost on the increasingly crowded Friday/weekend.

To clarify: we are not planning on having limited edition exclusives created every Tuesday. We are working to have titles continue to be released on Tuesday when they can be. (Lots of those titles are already scheduled to come out, now they'll just come on a Tuesday.) One Vinyl Tuesday may see a reissue that was already in the works being given a Tuesday streetdate. An album whose CD component has already come out might see its vinyl coming on a Vinyl Tuesday. There will be some indie exclusive titles, of course, because those already exist throughout the year, but a lot of Vinyl Tuesday releases will be given a Tuesday street date at all retailers who sell physical media. Every Vinyl Tuesday will be different, will be made up of different kinds of physical releases. What they'll have in common is the day of the week.

It's really a pretty simple thing, and it's definitely not a weekly Record Store Day. But it is in line with what we do all year long already, which is to promote and support indie record stores.

Original Story

Vinyl fans will have an even more ample opportunity to support independent record stores with the brand new collaborative effort Vinyl Tuesday.

Formed by the people behind Record Store Day, Vinyl Tuesday will be a weekly event with participating independent retailers, promoting and selling new and limited-edition vinyl releases. The American Association of Independent Music illuminates the effort, detailing the specific types of releases which you can see below:

  • "The first type will be catalog releases. These can be special edition releases made especially for Vinyl Tuesday or simply catalog vinyl releases that come out on Tuesday."
  • "The second type will be commercial and promotional vinyl releases that come out on Tuesday."
  • "The third type is the most rare. This is where the artist releases their new album on vinyl (on Tuesday) before the album goes out on CD/digitally to everyone."
  • "The fourth type will be vinyl releases made specifically for the Record Store Day indie retail community."
  • "The fifth type will be albums that have already been released on CD/digitally and are now being released on vinyl."

The move can be seen as a particularly positive one, as yearly concerns of how Record Store Day was actually helping independent retailers was becoming more and more prominent.