Record Store Day 2017 takes place Saturday April 22nd and the full list of what to expect has just been unveiled.

Featuring an obvious mix of old and new (not sure if borrowed, but almost always with a blue item or two), this year's list will include homages to Bowie and Prince, with the first getting a box set and a 3xLP release (Cracked Actor: Live Los Angeles '74) and the latter having many of his '80s singles re-released as maxis. The Doors, whose debut album celebrated its 50th anniversary last January, will see their Live at the Matrix LP finally getting a vinyl release. Santana, Big Star, Easybeats, and Count Five are also among the "old" recordings getting proper rereleases.

On the weirder end of the spectrum, we find Ken Kesey's The Acid Test, an instructional record first released in the mid-sixties whose purpose was to serve as a sound companion to Kesey's collective LSD experiences. Miley Cyrus will also see her Bangerz album rereleased, as will Marcy Playground and their self-titled debut (which people will probably only buy for 'Sex and Candy' anyway).

You can check the full list by heading to the RSD website, where you can also find information regarding your nearest record store celebrating the day.