This Friday Red Kite will release their new album Racquet (which you will be able to stream in full on The 405 from tomorrow), and amidst its 11 tracks of cacophanous and thrilling rock is an intriguing 7-minute instrumental track called 'Fuzzards'. The song is actually a cover of Philip Glass's track 'Facades', originally released in 1981.

Red Kite leader Daniel Fisher explains why they decided to cover the unusual track and include it on their new album:

“Facades was a real why-the- fuck-not moment for us. I’d always wanted to do a cover of this track with loads of fuzzy, distorted guitars and making this album was all about freedom and doing exactly what I wanted to do regardless of what anyone would ever think of it. The original is a really special piece with a strange, haunting atmosphere all of its own that seems to defy any attempts to describe it. The patterns and melodies subtly shift and interweave, it was a pain in the arse to figure out for guitar. The Philip Glass estate gave us their blessing to do the track, which was great. I’ve no idea if he will ever hear it.”

Listen to 'Fuzzards'/'Facades' by Red Kite below, and the original beneath. Look out for the full stream of the new album Racquet, coming to The 405 tomorrow.