Love is pain and romance is an eternal fistfight, or so the new video from Red Kite seems to suggest. ‘If We Buy A Train Set’ deals with "the secret space two people create in order to face the world together," and layers the pounding, motoric riffing of Deftones and Part Chimp over a headache-inducing 5 minutes of disembodied headbanging. It’s a deceptively sweet song, wrapped in a blistering suit of heavy armour.

Daniel Fisher, Red Kite’s singer-guitarist, explains how they managed to build up such a thick sound: ‘It really benefits from having the two drum kits on it, it allowed us to just keep hammering away like a giant trudging through a murky forest.

"It’s a song for my wife really. She’s an artist and I’m a musician, so we work really hard to support one another and shield each other from the outside world."

The band play The Islington, London on 15th May with Hollow Hand and Lull, and the album Racquet is available now on vinyl, CD and digital.