If you're into old-fashioned dirt about rock stars, this is for you: a thread titled 'Former groupies of Reddit, what was your experience?' is growing viral all over the web with dirt spilled about the likes of Afrojack, Tiesto, and Steve Aoki. It all started when the users were asked to share their backstage experiences with the stars - and some of them are pretty amazing.

Most of the scoop comes from a user called nopenoone who claims she "used to be an assistant TM for quite a few big-name EDM acts and was in regular rotation for artist handling for a handful of large festivals." She says that Afrojack "is a douche" and "very ignorant of music in general He straight up said to me that he bothered to learn the Beatles names because he 'doesn’t waste his time on old music no one listens to.'"

Apparently, Carl Cox "doesn't tip", Tiesto must be "in a certain lighting [when people are going to meet him] so you can't really see his age or what touring has done to him, and Steve Aoki is "a dick.. he thinks it's funny to talk about the girls he fucks in a really messed up way, and likes to push them to do really extreme things."

Go on, read the full thread here. You know you want to. [via FACT]