Australian singer/songwriter Justin Gill, or Redvers, is releasing his debut album Truth In Silence on 3rd June, and we've got the premiere of his first single 'Laughing At Rainbows' for you to check out today. “I happened to walk past a church,” he said in a press release, “The was a sign out front that said ‘God puts rainbows in the sky’ -- I was rather intrigued by the statement." That was the inspiration behind the peaceful track that conjures up sunnier images despite the rainstorm going on in the background.

Speaking of the rain, that was (for the most part) unintentional. The track was recorded during a heavy downpour, and Gill decided that it added so much to the song that it should stay. “When I listened back it sounded beautiful, so I decided that rain had to be put on the track," he added, "I know that rain sound effects have been done to death, but I felt I had to remain faithful to that initial meeting with the song.” I'd say it was a fantastic aesthetic choice on his part - it gives it a sense of depth and relaxation that may not have been there otherwise.