For the first in a new feature we get the ace chaotic pop trio Drop Out Venus to hook us up with their favourite films.


I don't often relate to films because I find them to be deceitful. In fact I'd say I am not a great film lover at all, but Melancholia moved my entire being. I thought it was beautiful and true. I saw it a few times at the cinema and every time I felt happier and happier at the end. There is no greater relief than the certainty that this world will end.

Dancer In The Dark

I love this film very much same as every film by Lars Von Trier. When I hear people saying shit about Dancer In The Dark, I feel violence. I think it's one of the most passionate works of art. Also Bjork is a true musician and her character is too. It's about having a golden heart and not many films have shown that in any way that might come close to resembling any kind of truth.

Black Swan

Passion in performance can kill. Chris and I were both deeply moved by this film. The only film that's made my soul cry.

Koziat Rog (The Goat Horn)

No-one knows that Bulgarian cinema has produced some beautiful work. The Goat Horn is an example of that. It's about a way of life that is now forgotten. Most of all it's about strength. I come from a family of strong women who fought their whole lives, so this film means a lot to me, because of its heroine.

Orkestar Bez Ime (A No Name Orchestra)

This isn't a very descriptive trailer. A No

Name Orchestra is another Bulgarian film that means a lot to us. It's about being a musician and being incredibly poor in a communist country. We can relate to it minus the communist part thank the lord. This film also features a great Bulgarian actor called Velko Kanev who died last year. Chris and I loved him dearly. We used to get drunk and eat raw garlic with him. That garlic was so strong that Chris had a nosebleed. I hope he's stinking up heaven.


This is Eastern Europe. That's how we do it for better or for worse.

I Heart Huckabees

This is what happens when a bunch of egomaniacs get together to make a film. It's pretty great. Also Jude Law pukes and cries at the same time. How am I not myself?

The Piano Teacher

This is a terrible trailer for an incredible film. I can't say much about it because I don't relate to it but I fucking love this film. It's like a great book more than a film.