Writer and Director Oscar Nobi, 29, was a runner up in the 2008 British Short Screenplay Competition judged by national treasure Kenneth Branagh, and his short Liars, recently premiered at the London Film Festival. Pretty impressive considering it is only his second to date.

"I'd barely picked up a camera before," Nobi confesses when talking about the undertaking of his debut Sorinne in 2012, but despite a lack of formal training he felt the best way to become schooled in the art of film making, was to, well get out there and make a film.

Although an avid cinephile growing up, Nobi didn't consider directing a career choice until he was exposed to films like Clerks and Following, two movies made on a diet of maxed out credit cards and scenes snatched between office working hours. They made him realize filmmaking was "do-able."

His two shorts, though diversely different in genre and tone, contain connecting themes about the breaking of societal rules and the fall out it can cause. Sorinne is a tense thriller about two hit man caught in a moral quandary about their "hit," and asks whether you can "weigh one human life against another," whilst Liars concerns the aftermath of one mans accidental moment of honesty. Both films ask the audience to consider when and for whom is it acceptable to break the rules of society, or as Nobi states "where they would fall on the spectrum between selfishness and selflessness."

The concept of Liars was fed directly by the completion of Sorinne and arose from a moment of personal reflection for Nobi. He was sharing his debut with friends and family and although the feedback was overwhelmingly positive he wondered how objective they were really being. "I couldn't help but wonder whether they were being honest or whether they were just trying to spare my feelings," he says. This caused him to write Liars, exploring the idea of "whether honesty is the best policy when someone you know wants to invest in pursuing their creative ambitions," a common affliction for all those trying to get any kind of artistic career off the ground.

Lessons learnt in his short career? Nobi says collaboration is extremely important as "you're really only as good as the people around you," and although his ambition has sometimes been bigger then what he could have achieved, he will always takes risks, "I'd loathe myself to play it safe." Nobi is currently working on his first feature, trying to get several shorts made, including the Devil Claw, and despite his fear of sharing his work with friends and family he does have a trusty confidant in the form of his sister. "She never worries about telling me if my stuff is shit."

Check out Sorinne in full.

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