Why oh why do we love remixes so much? Cause they make good songs out of good songs, in a lot of instances (sometimes they don't: they make 'em worse, and we don't like that so much), and in this case, up-and-coming musicmaker REID has remixed Dublin trio Sleep Thieves to veritable perfection.

The original 'City Of Hearts' sounds like a bonus track for the Drive soundtrack: a punchy, slo-house beat with '80s aesthetics drives forward with squelchy saw-wave bass, synths soaring in the dark above, cutting the sky, ever thicker as the track goes on, and undeniably beautiful vocals weaving in and out.

Fellow Dubliner REID gives it an even darker makeover, combining a deep foundation of constant and sometimes distorted sub-bass rippling with understated kicks, electronic bubblings, an occasional (& spooky) sharp intake of breath, rustling hi-hats and the stark snap of a snare rimshot, an assault on the brain whilst being hypnotised by singer Sorcha Brennan's vocals echoing into the abyss, a choral masterpiece veiling the ravaged twilight surroundings that REID has conjured up. Quite something.

'City Of Hearts' is taken from Sleep Thieves' debut album, You Want the Night, which is out now and available for purchase here (if you're this side of the Atlantic) or here (if you're in the US).

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