Remember Sports are a band with two albums under their belts already, but their third, Slow Buzz, which is due out on Father/Daughter on May 18th, is like a rebirth. In recent years they've changed their band name from Sports to Remember Sports, but more significantly have relocated to Philadelphia to become part of that city's storied rock scene. They've added a new drummer and seem to have found new levels of chemistry and creativity in their music, which was displayed in the ridiculously catchy recent single 'Up From Below'.

They follow this with 'The 1 Bad Man', a furious and friction-filled track that doesn't skimp out on the fun either. With noodling guitars intersecting furious acoustic, it's a rollicking two minutes. It's led by Carmen Perry's drawling voice turning to a fiery banner of boldness in the shout-along chorus. Check it out below.

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