London five piece Chapel Club are giving you the chance not only to remix one of their songs but to also make some money out of it. The band are allowing fans, musicians or anyone who fancies their having a go at reworking the title track from their forthcoming sophomore album entitled Good Together and letting remixers sell the fruits of their labour for their own profit. Remixes can be sold via any online retailer they like and the band are forgoing the recording rights to the track so you’ll get as much of the profit as the retailer of your choosing will allow you to have.

Frontman Lewis Bowman, told why they chose ‘Good Together’ for the project; "the track starts as a neat little electronic pop song before evolving into a hazy, pulsing piano house groove thing. We thought it made the most suitable candidate for a remix project because it’s ten minutes long with lots of parts to play with – and also because the extended end section began life as a kind of live, impromptu remix of our own."

Head to official Chapel Club website to download the track and to read step by step instructions.