Today started like any other day as a student at Oxford. I found my place in the fourth row of the lecture hall, not too close to feel like I was going to be called on when I didn't want to, but close enough to be fully engaged. The hall was packed, all 350 seats taken, with more chatter than I've ever heard before a lecture, lots of giggling and nervous excitement. There were going to be no exams today, but we did have a guest lecturer.

Today, class was going to be led by Professor Kanye West.

Late last night tickets were released by the Oxford Guild for a special lecture at the Museum of Natural History. I didn't find out about it until they were sold out. But there was no way I was going to miss the chance to have Kanye West be my tutor. I showed up to the museum an hour and a half early and talked with people involved with the event and they said there had been a cancellation and I could register for the spot.

I could tell a lot of the crowd had very mixed reactions on what to expect from Kanye. A lot of skepticism was going around about what would actually happen. Some people were there to laugh at the experience. Some were deadly serious about how great this was going to be. Someone even suggested we were all getting punked by the Oxford Guild and Kanye wouldn't even be there. Nothing and everything seemed believable at this point.

Kanye took the stage to a long standing ovation. Wearing a $2,000 black shirt (he got it for free he said), it was clear this wasn't going to be a normal lecture when Kanye decided the first thing that had to happen was the table in the center of the stage had to go for aesthetic reasons. And instead of standing at the lecture pulpit, Kanye moved around the stage without a microphone at all. There were going to be no PowerPoint presentations today.

Like most students I've met, Kanye came completely unprepared for class. He had nothing he was planning on talking about, instead asking the audience for a suggestion and then drawing from that question. The question wanted him to reflect on how his aesthetic changed throughout his career. While he earned some points for using a fancy, Kanye-approved word like aesthetic, Kanye had no interest in really answering the question.

Kanye asked the room to be quiet so as not to throw off the 40-minute stream-of-consciousness lecture that was about to come, and the crowd actually listened in complete silence, even fighting off the incredible urge (at least from me) in snapping a picture, which we were told was strictly prohibited.

What happened next I'm not really sure how to describe. If you've seen any of Kanye's shows, you know to expect a rant section where Kanye kind of talks about whatever he wants for a while. That's pretty much what happened. Except Kanye was less much angry and seemingly in a pretty happy place. As he paced the stage he made lots of eye contact and covered topics from Picasso, comparing "The Matrix" to The Bible, his daughters toys, how Nicki Minaj upstaged him on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, not knowing what month it is, while returning repeatedly to the ideas of collaboration and classism.

While it seems like a jumble of words and ideas, that's probably because that's exactly what it was. Yet it was much more engaging than any well-planned lecture I've ever been a part of. His thoughts were real and honest and he managed to inspire. Kanye West was the best professor I've ever had. He cared about everything he was saying, and you left feeling that he really does want to change the world and that the members of the audience could as well. For as misunderstood as he is, and as misguided as his efforts often are, Kanye wants what he has for everyone.

And then it was over. He said he was done and walked off the stage to a huge applause. No music, no Kim sightings, just Kanye being Kanye for 40 minutes.

I left wanting to be more like Kanye West, someone who strives to be the best at what he does and someone who cares more about creating great things than probably anyone on the planet. If Kanye ever needs a Teaching Assistant, I updated my CV, just in case.

For a rundown of what Kanye said, head here.

Report brought to you by Scott Bolohan (@scottbolohan).