"Resident is situated in the heart of the lanes in Brighton and is a beautiful record store with listening stations to check out your favourite tunes. D'Angelo's Voodoo is an album we are both totally obsessed with. On our first ever UK tour we listened to this driving around the country in the van and it is reminiscent of such good times. The musicianship on this album is on another level and the grooves are off the hook. And then there is his vocal which is one of the greatest. It must be up there as one of our most listened to records. Patti Smith's Horses is an album we love not only because of the music and her poetic mastery but also because of what it represents, its history and the love story behind it. Robert Mapplethorpe took this photo of Patti and it has to be one of the most iconic album covers of all time."

You can find out more about Resident by heading here. Head over to Alpines' official website to lose yourself in their music.

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