Probably compensating for its terrible single player campaign, Resident Evil 6

First off we have “Predator” mode that features 2~6 players. One of the players controls a B.O.W. Ustanak who must survive a human player onslaught – a reversal of sorts of the usual “Survive waves of zombies” mode seen in other games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops.

“Onslaught” is a two-player head-to-head survivor mode that sees players fend off waves of enemies whilst keeping the combo meter going. Lastly, the “Survivors” mode is a 2~6 player game where players turn into enemy characters upon death. However, they can resurrect themselves back into human form after a successful kill.

Each mode will cost 320 Microsoft Points, or customers have the option of purchasing a value bundle back for 720 Microsoft points for all three modes. There will also be a free update on December 17th which adds an extra difficulty setting called “No Hope”, an adjustable in-game camera and the option to use subtitles with only the English language audio. The later unlockable “secret” Ada Wong campaign will also be unlocked with an additional co-op partner that will star during her campaign.

With an already adequate multiplayer present in this game, I see little to no reason for these additional modes, especially when you're being made to pay extra for them. It’s a trend I'm beginning to hate seeing in games; it’s like compensating or admitting that your product wasn’t good enough.

You can check out the new modes and content over at Capcom-Unity. Tell us what you think of it!