SANTII is a duo borne of visual arts. Before music entered the equation, Michele "Miki" Ducci (singer, lyrics) and Alessandro "Alex" Degli Angioli (producer, visual art) were friends and multimedia collaborators.

Eventually, late night studio sessions in London birthed their earliest music, gradually leading to their debut, S01, which boasted collaborations from Drake producer Supah Mario, Rejjie Snow, and Cakes da Killa.

Now, they've returned with 'WHAT?', preparing for their sophomore release, dubbed, naturally, S02. That's due January 18th of next year, but enjoy the sumptuous tease of 'WHAT?' until then. Miki plays for keeps here, as does guest W., but the real star of the show here is the beat. It clicks and trots about, almost seeming to playfully slither into your ears. Enjoy basking in some warmth this winter.