The Little Rock, Arkansas duo joan are back with a new anthem of longing called 'i loved you first', perfectly rendered in their 80s throwback synth-pop stylings. Over the course of their 3 singles released thus far, joan have shown a penchant for bright and powdery synths combined with impassioned vocals and lyrics, proving that the public's desire for deeply expressive tunes is still high.

With today's release of 'i loved you first', joan may have found the perfect topic to pair with their tender musical style. It's a song about feeling your partner drifting away from you, even though your love for them knows no bounds. joan are unabashed in their assertions: "do you even notice how perfect I am for you?/ you keep running away when I need you/ running away when I get too close/ my heart is full but yours is fine." Delivered in pristine vocal harmonies over washes of glazed synthesizers and punctuated by a crisp drum click, it's pretty much impossible not to think that 'i loved you first' is a long lost track from a John Hughes film soundtrack - that goes double when the all-or-nothing wailing guitar solo cuts across the song towards its end.

Alan Thomas talks about writing the song, saying: "I went through a relationship with this girl, I thought she was the one for me. right when I started falling for her, though, she started feeling really distant... I still had crazy feelings for her, but it turned out that she had feelings for Brandon the whole time. this one is for you, Brandon.”

Listen to 'i loved you first' below.

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