Label: Albino Recordings Release date: 06/09/10 Link: Myspace REVERE masquerade as the latest in a long, long procession of London born bands that like to dabble in old English folk sounds and give their music an air of distinction. But while this eight-piece band easily fill quotas for stringed instruments and brass parts, their music is essentially that of a standard four-piece rock band, augmented by non-standard orchestration. But that doesn’t mean that the rest of the band are merely a supporting cast. Quite the opposite, REVERE’s post-rock sound is remarkable for how seamlessly all the instruments fit into the style of music. Much in the style of ‘Godspeed You, Black Emperor’, the band create stunning atmospheric rock by drawing on all the resources at their disposal. The overtly downbeat nature of the album is compounded by violin and cello and guitars that are remote, almost lonely, as if soundtracking a desolate landscape. There’s never really a departure from their joyless vision but the sudden and wild moments where they deign to rock out help keep things interesting, not that that helps them to cheer up at all, like on ‘I Can’t (Forgive Myself)’. There’s several moments where the band master structure and logistics, creating polished post-rock that accommodates all members with ‘Throwing Stones’ being perhaps the best of these moments. The only failing with Hey! Selim is that it’s either too long or that it borders on the monotonous. Towards the end of the album the bleakness of the music becomes a little bit tedious and perhaps a shorter album would have been better. By the halfway point the band have nothing else to surprise you with and the tracks nearing the end of the album could have been left out without any serious consequences. But that shouldn’t take anything away from an impressively polished debut. Photobucket