Abstract dream soundscape curators Stadiums & Shrines have put together Dreams, a double LP compilation via Cascine. Since 2011 Stadiums & Shrines have worked on the Dreams series where musicians, visual artist Nathaniel Whitcomb and writers Dave Sutton and Matthew Sage contribute art inspired by a range of locations. Dreams has 21 tracks, each one specifically concentrated on a different place including the likes of Portugal, Spain, Quebec, and Japan. The ambitious compilation features artists like Yumi Zouma, Mutual Benefit, Julie Byrne and Ricky Eat Acid.

Sea Oleena’s opening tack ‘Portugal (A Lift)’ is an atmospheric voyage with soft-spoken vocals and texturized sounds of rain and air. It sets the standard for the rest of the compilation with tranquil electronic consistencies. Yumi Zouma’s ‘France (Grands Boulevards) is a stand out track heavy with romance and serene harmonies. “Lost in the house of my heart and my head I have found you/ Back going through all the spaces I never could reach/ You like to think that you keep me so honest and so true/ I'm always going to pretend that I lie through my teeth.”

Mutual Benefit’s ‘Bali’ features wind chimes that trance over quiet flutes and transcending electro sounds. This track, like many on Dreams, doesn’t necessarily progress as much as it exists. Creating a still environment with a plethora of eclectic sounds is most attainable for this compilation. Another standout track, ‘Japan’ by Dustin Wong, builds slowly to eventually create a sea of sharp synth melodies, overlapping with rhythmic electro-pop movements.

‘Algeria (Outside your house…)’ from electronic drone artist Ricky Eat Acid is the shortest song on the compilation; as you grow fond of the deconstructed and simple high-pitched progressions the track is already gone like a quick breath. A simple contribution that fades out slowly and serves as a transition to the rest of the wistful creations on Dreams.

The collaborative track between Cuddle Formation and Emily Reo, ‘Berumuda (Yoshi’s Story)’ speeds up the pace slightly from the trend of ambient and gently paced songs. With an abstract beginning that transforms into an enticing, chaotic lush electro pop project, ‘Bermuda (Yoshi’s Story)’ is another standout moment on Dreams. This playful track includes synth percussion that resembles Aphex Twin’s upbeat works with looping elevated frequencies that move for an energetic sound.

Dreams is perfectly titled in the sense that some incredibly important abstract electronica has a dazed home in this compilation. Curated through Stadium & Shrines, this series continues to feed music and art enthusiasts with groundbreaking collaboration. While listening you’ll find a heightened sense of realism and an escape from the mundane. This multimedia series takes the relationship of music, writing and art and weaves it closer together than most can dream of doing. Stadiums & Shrines remain a crucial cog in the experimental creation of truly unique work.