I still haven't seen Midsommar. Don't ask me how, clearly events so sinister as to equal the film itself have conspired against me, I know not in what manner, it's only clear that they have.

Hence, time and again, I put off this review, much to the (entirely imagined) chagrin of the project's hapless PR. Scores (and soundtracks) are funny things. Even when ambitious and fully realized, or lovingly curated, in their own right, they are by definition companions, best experienced alongside their film.

Some are neglected to a film unworthy of their effort (Daft Punk's labor for Tron: Legacy deserves more love), while others still go on to be culturally definitive in their own right (Top Gun, anyone?), but they are still inexorably linked to their cinematic counterparts, whether Tom Cruise's peak charms or a creepily uncanny-valley-pushing CGI Jeff Bridges (entirely off topic but I can't help but point out the amusing irony of Legacy's director currently helming the Top Gun sequel).

So, here I am, listening to Midsommar without having seen Midsommar. Hell, they really tried, even releasing the soundtrack 2 days after the damn movie, and I still let 'em down. In about the highest praise I can offer, it comes as close to making me imagine a cultish, murderous Swedish pagan festival, without seeing the horror myself.

As many have noted, Bobby Krlic, aka The Haxan Cloak, was born to compose horror stylings. His sense of paranoia and occasional outright, harsh musical brutality suit the world he's been given to play in here immeasurably. Does he do anything shockingly new with Midsommar? Perhaps not, but he does it damn well. He provides moments of beauty and even serenity such as on 'The Blessing', only to pull them cruelly (if necessarily) away the next.

Ultimately, unless you're the type to occasionally gather for ritual sacrifices and fearful, murderous hallucinogenic orgies (Is this right? Have I mentioned I've yet to see the film?), Midsommar may offer limited mileage when it comes to daily listening. Still, it accomplishes its goals with deadly conviction, and for those with a penchant for unnerving listening sessions, you may just discover a dependable companion here. It's a nightmare to linger within.