In the highly competitive Kpop market, where hundreds of groups debut annually, the Cosmic Girls (also known as WJSN) have managed to make a name for themselves by capitalizing on a unique niche. The group is known for embodying a space themed concept in their aesthetics, in their music videos, and of course, in their songs.

Their spaced themed sound is characterized by a plethora of bright synths–plucks, bells, leads, basses–that provide tons of energy and create a vibe that is at times retro and occasionally video game-esque. Traditional instruments, including guitars, strings, and pianos, are interwoven to balance the electronic sounds with warmth and naturalness, and peculiar samples are sprinkled in for quirk and character. Solid mixing prevents the multitude of elements from clashing with each other. Good arrangement helps create progression and avoid repetition.

Cosmic Girls’ superb production results in rich pop songs that are very enjoyable, the tracks on this new mini-album being no exception. Dream Your Dream follows the group’s established style while maintaining the high standard of quality that has attracted many fans.

On this project the Girls once again demonstrate that they are vocally qualified for the catchy melodies they sing, along with their supporting ad libs and harmonization. Having 13 members (far from abnormal for a Korean pop unit) allows for a decent amount of variety between lines. Of these many voices, group leader Exy’s stands out the most. With her distinct, slightly nasally tone, she raps short yet memorable bars in a smooth, confident flow, creating a nice contrast to the light singing of the other members. Lead vocalist Yeonjung also deserves praise for enriching almost all the choruses on this album with many long and powerful notes.

The individual tracks follow the group’s standard formula while implementing some creative ideas and drawing upon different inspirations. ‘Love O’Clock’ begins with a calming sample of ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’ from The Nutcracker accompanied by the ticking of a clock. The song quickly turns around and becomes highly rambunctious, with the ticking reappearing occasionally as a reference to the intro.

‘Starry Moment’ starts with an old school drum break leading into a groovy opening verse that is very reminiscent of 80s pop. After the verse the song shifts into a higher key, a brilliant move that uplifts the chorus.

‘Thawing’ expresses an apparent winter theme through the use of sleigh bells in the intro and later in the verses, and by including a Christmas-y jazz break in the bridge. The hook stands out for being arguably the best on the project. It has a great rhythm featuring many sweet, elongated longs notes, and concludes with an incredibly infectious series of “doo doo”s.

The mini-album does have its flaws. Although title-track ‘Dreams Come True’ is a solid outing, compared with the group’s previous singles it falls short. Its main issue is its chorus. Instrumentally, there’s hardly anything distinguishing it from the rest of the song and lyrically there isn’t much to grab the listener's attention, aside from Cheng Xiao’s cool “Trust in me, trust in you.” This release also doesn’t venture from the group’s signature style at all, but having just entered their third year this shouldn’t be held against them too much.

On Dream Your Dream, the Cosmic Girls provide fans with nearly 20 minutes of their fantastic flavour of pop music, while incorporating enough fresh, new ideas to keep things interesting. With this mini-album the group reaffirms themselves, musically, as one of the more interesting girl groups of the current K-pop moment.