The life of an artist is an immersive experience. The way to portray art is delicate, sometimes contradictory, even controversial, and aims to create an impact in the rawest form possible. If you’re not causing commotion or turmoil among those who you want to be seen by, if seen at all, then reflection based on an idea shall suffice.

As vulnerability allows us to grow stronger, better and become more powerful, art, in its many ways of expression, has proven itself as a preferred catalyst for change, reflection and reinvention. Hamburg-born producer and composer David August is one of these cases where curiosity and the need of self-expression become greater and a driving vessel towards achievement and success.

Being an acclaimed DJ, producer but also a trained musician, earning a degree from Tonmeister, David August is set to find a deeper understanding of who he is as an artist, and most importantly, as a human being. While DCXXXIX A.C., his first release on his own label 99CHANTS, explored ambient grounds, D’ANGELO dwells on his past, his upbringing and becomes a bridge of knowledge into his Italian roots, its cultural and artistic significance and, most importantly, a way of finding his truth.

For that, August deconstructed cinematographic soundscapes, mixing them with elements of contemporary electronic music while absorbing and immersing himself in Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio’s finest work. Take each song as a chapter of a story as you walk through a hollow museum corridor. As D’ANGELO advances, the soothing, sometimes sombre, compositions become an essential piece to this story, soundtracking a visual stimulation perceived by August and giving you a feeling of narrative progression as you follow through.

Songs like ‘NARCISO’ and ‘D’ANGELO introduce and instigate moments of melancholia and self-reflection. As ‘FLORENCE’ piano chords delicately unfold into ‘THE LIFE OF MERISI’, the latter introduces club influenced elements, dissolving itself in pounding drums and eerie atmospheres. As David August created seven tracks that represent the consummation of his process of self-reflection and enlightenment, D’ANGELO represents his truth, through relatability, it may also represent ours.