It’s safe to say that Iceland is one of the most proactive music-export countries in the world. What the music industry does as a standard worldwide, Iceland does it the other way around; settling their expertise on innovative electronica and experimentation, there’s space for everything, for everyone and conventional rules cease to exist. Art is seen as an expression and unique to its creator.

dj. Flugvél og Geimskip is no exception, and remains firmly true to her origins. Described as electronic horror-music with a space twist, Steinunn Harðardóttir’s solo project translated to English becomes, word by word, Airplane & Spaceship and it’s, needless to say, more than the accurate description to what the Reykjavík-born musician channels in her music. She may be singing about cats in space, alien invasions, world domination and mythological creatures, but the deliberate naiveté and shining joy in her music are, in fact, a basis to understand who she is - the truest incarnation of a DIY artist.

On Our Atlantis, her fourth album, the trademark overabundant quirk-pop remains but, song after song, there’s an element of surprise. From drum‘n’bass inspired beats to samples that could have been extracted from a child’s toy, you name it, all these pointers combined open a gate into a hyperstimulated fantasy world that can be intriguing as well as overwhelmingly fun.

Songs like ‘Elsta lag í heimi’ and ‘Ryðgadi heimurinn’ show how comfortable Steinunn is in her own dreamscape, and among essential keyboards and drum machines compositions, her craft would not be the same without her immense talent for storytelling and an endless imagination to accompany it. While the opening track ‘The Sphinx’ tells the story of the most famous Egyptian mythological creature, she continues her adventure exploring her vision and hammering through imaginary realms and twisting musical conventions around. You can almost consider Our Atlantis as a videogame soundtrack, where each song is the next step towards a final mission.

dj. Flugvél og Geimskip may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the warmth and honesty Harðardóttir places on each of these songs and highly performative live shows are undeniable. Regardless of which language she chooses to sing in, her message comes across loud and clear and is quite simple - life is not to be taken so seriously. So live a little….and have fun!