Blank white space washes over me listening to Nils Frahm’s piano pieces. The virtuoso composer continues to follow up his serene All Melody with what he describes as “musical islands” that he wrote during the recording process. If Encores 2 were an island it would be uninhabited by man and in the stages of sparking new life.

Evolving from Encores 1, the organic landscape is shifting and interacting with new ambient whispers that build to Frahm’s magnetic 12-minute long ‘Spells’. Recorded through an amplified stone well, there’s a sense of depth evident in the echoes of white noise that form the canvas of these tracks.

Slight twinkling piano arpeggios that orbit the blank space around them make up opener ‘Sweet Little Lie’, and each track hereafter adds subtle new elements. Astral energy begins forming on penultimate track ‘Talisman’, before opening bassy flutters reveal signs of life beginning to creep out of the woodwork to introduce ‘Spells’. The kaleidoscope of synthesizers retain their clarity, always intersecting one another, but never being submerged for the sake of each other. It’s an odyssey through the outer limits of Frahm’s imagination and shows us once again his ability to create the most elemental of music.

Encores 2 is by its very nature a companion piece, although if this record is an island, it is certainly a unique one.