If you listen to ‘Melt’, the first track from the self-titled debut from Fake Laugh, I think you’ll be able to tell if you are going to like this band. There aren’t a whole of gimmicks here. What you hear is what you get. And, I think if you have any sense about you, you’ll love it and start spinning this record over and over again because this is, without question, one of the year’s soundest endeavors.

Fake Laugh is the project of Kamran Khan, a London-based musician who is currently touring with The Japanese House. Having worked around town for a few other projects, Khan apparently took the leap to get his own work under the door under the Fake Laugh moniker. And in a fair and just world, Khan will earn the acclaim he deserves, because this sun-soaked mess of jangly guitars, gorgeous melodies and pure bliss is just what the doctor ordered here in the dog days of summer.

The aforementioned ‘Melt’ may be the album’s litmus test, but the highlights start rolling with ‘Short Of Breath’. As its title indicates, the song begins abruptly and breathlessly, rollicking forward. Khan’s beautiful voice warps and flows gorgeously around the shimmering guitars and head-bopping drums. Khan almost makes it sound easy.

As the album pushes onward, it is hard to not get caught up in Khan’s tunes. The songs mostly involve heartfelt reflections and explorations of youth and nostalgia. This is far from unfamiliar territory in music — see almost any indie musician of the last decade for proof — and yet Khan makes it feel fresh and poignant. Taking what feels like well-worn concepts and reforming them into something powerful, emotional and unbelievably satisfying is damn impressive.

At no point does Fake Laugh try to reinvent the wheel. Khan himself said that his aim was to write “more traditional and direct songs” in an effort to scratch that very particular spot that satisfyingly melodic jangle pop hits. And in this goal, Khan has more than succeeded. In 2017, he has practically no peers. Fake Laugh seems poised to fly under the radar, being overshadowed by any number of big name artists this summer. But this project’s self-titled debut is second-to-none, a delightful, refreshing and rewarding listen. You’ll be all the better for letting Fake Laugh into your life.