“Walls are closing in on me” an auto-tuned Thomas Casault hums on ‘Shallow Waters’, the opening title track of Canadian duo Fjord’s new EP. It’s as claustrophobic as it sounds, until suddenly it bursts into widescreen. Its slow, chilly temperament is the perfect introduction to Fjord’s sound. The duo’s secret lies in bottling this cold and rubbing it warm with their human touch.

Wistful orchestral soundscapes swirl around and envelop you as you listen to these wintery tracks. Their affinity for traditional instruments like harp, flute and strings comes to fruition on the calming ‘Filled With Gold’, which through the incorporation of handpan takes on an almost triumphant tone as Casault sings the repetitive refrain of “Extraordinary love, extraordinary love for you.”

Casault’s smooth falsetto is the centrepiece of these tracks, and it merges deftly with organic bubbling synths. His ability to match the vibrancy of sounds on ‘Pools’ or to crack with intimacy on ‘Lay Down Your Veil’ is what gives Fjord such a cohesive sound, which can best be described as a kind of “sadtronica,” if you will.

Closing track ‘My Body So Calm’ is the most up-tempo number here, and pulses with energy. It’s a wonderland of texture that’s near impossible not to dance to and is sure to get them into plenty of playlists.

With production by Tim Bran, who’s also responsible for the London Grammar sound, it’s no surprise the fashionable ‘orchestra-pop’ style is so prevalent here. While the first half of Shallow Waters could easily come from one of their contemporaries’ records, Fjord are clearly keen to show they’ve got more than just a sense of fragility and a harp.