When 'Airy Met Fairy consists of the combined talents of lead vocalist and Icelander Thorunn Egilsdottir and Luxembourger Mike Koster. Having formed in 2015. the duo were spotted a year later by Icelandic Musician, Bardi Johansson (Bang Gang, Lady & Bird, Starwalker). Johansson eventually produced the pairs debut single "Intoxicated" which was then mastered at renowned Abbey Road Studios and is one of the features on the album. Glow is a collection of moments of intimacy, with playful instrumentation based upon personal themes of life and it's ever-changing emotions.

Dotted with organic instrumentation as minimalist claps and warm pianos, the album is beautifully written with vocals that soar angelically and create a fairytale setting appropriately presumed. Opening track '123 Magic' describes living each day as your last, with the fluttering vocals of Egilsdottir amongst the spirits as the track builds with growing percussion and liveliness.

'Bus' is an example of how beautifully the duo create a natural sense of atmosphere through their songs as shorter little stints of expression, particularly with the emotive string arrangements that move downward together. As a Xylophone-like sound plays a descending melody, 'Penniless' reinforces the flow of the album as another short story that creates movement between the tracks.

Having had a number of collaborators supporting them, the pair worked for artistic minds for visuals including Runa Egilsdottir (Thorunn's sister) and french producer Raphael Kindig. 'Intoxicated' is one of the more upbeat tracks of the album, set to a conrasting slow motion fight shot in one take that represents the pieces of your soul sacrificed in a relationship as it falls apart with what seems like programmed driving percussion.

Emotions are perfectly heightened by tracks like 'Bones', written by Egilsdottir straight after her divorce, as an organ set below delicate vocal arrangements sounds ominous and preceding of the theme. 'Until Your Season Dries' continues this theme with imagery of wishing to sail amongst peaceful waters as another minimal arrangement resonates her serene vocals.

Commenting on the album, Egilsdottir said, “The music business feels so lavish and overproduced, with Glow we just wanted to take a step back and reduce it to almost nothing. Nowadays, the healing power of music is too often underestimated, so we looked for an energy that could carry us away.”

Glow's concluding track, 'When I'm Old' brings the heart above water to remind the listener that all we want as humans is to be loved - particularly when we are old and have lived our lives and experienced the world. The track is a a full-circle movement of playful melodies that seem reminiscent of stories that you feel as though you have heard but can't quite place. When 'Airy Met Fairy welcome you into a bittersweet world of individualism and a cry for the uncertainties of how we live.