G Perico is on a roll. Since his last two full length albums, 2017’s All Blue and 2 Tha Left, Perico has broken put from a hidden treasure in the L.A. underground to a legitimate, nationally recognized emcee. Just within the past five months, Perico has been featured on “Colors,” alongside Freddie Gibbs and Mozzy, and “Ain’t Talking Bout’ Nothin,” alongside E-40 and Vince Staples. This trajectory Perico has followed is in no way a coincidence, but instead the benefits and rewards of being one of the most active and exuberant emcees around. His constant hustle is something remarkably authentic, building both himself and his reputation from the ground up. The reason Perico has become such a sought after emcee is because he’s constantly open to new ideas, but still remains rooted in a sound heavily indebted to West Coast G-funk. He’s just flat out dependable.

It comes as no surprise that Perico’s latest effort, the eight-song EP Guess What?, then, is mostly a continuation of his G-funk aspirations. Perico has honed both his sound and lyrical content to something lethal, sharp, and direct — his cockiness and braggadocio, though, at times feels unnecessary. But perhaps there is a certain charm to this cockiness — Perico is sure of himself only because he has the track record to prove it. Perico avoids the typical trope of “fake it till you make it,” instead boasting a much more transparent appeal. What you see and hear is exactly what you get with a Perico record.

Guess What? finds Perico taking more chances than ever, though, and some of them stick, like the anxious, glitchy keys on “How U Want It.” “How U Want It” is easily the most memorable track off of Guess What?, and the influence of his work with Vince Staples is evident from the very first note. Other chances don’t stick, though, like 'Play Wit It,' featuring Kalin.FrFr and Garren. The track boasts one of the slickest, and most interesting, beats Perico has ever used, yet it is absolutely mutilated by the cringe-inducing, auto-tuned hook, featuring plenty of “na-woohs,” something you might find among a pile of digital drek. These moments taint the energy of Guess What?, but the bulk of it still holds up.

Guess What? sounds like a flat out victory lap, other than 'Play Wit It,' and the incredibly macho flow of tracks like “All Nighter” and “Wit The Gangstas” only supports this. Perico sounds the most relaxed and assured he’s ever been, and Guess What? fits comfortably in Perico’s ever-growing discography. Perico has found a healthy balance of sticking to what he knows and constantly tinkering with different styles, though most of his output is still supported by something that somewhat resembles G-funk. The end here is, more often than not, quite flattering. The lapses in judgement on Guess What? are healthy mistakes, an exercise in expanding one’s sound. Even so, Perico remains as confident as ever, and his bubbling sound proves that.