Hoops is a band that is deliciously out-of-time, but not by much. Maybe about seven or eight years. Had this four-piece from Indiana sprung up around the same time as groups like Wild Nothing or Teen Daze, people would be having a fit about how fantastic they are. But no, the primetime moment for dreamy-sounding guitar bands as seemingly passed us by. And still, this works to the immense advantage of Hoops and their debut LP, Routines.

From the album’s outset, ‘Sun’s Out’, it is clear that Routines is pure summery guitar pop, meant for car rides at dusk as the pinkish hues of the sun reflect off the faces of friends. Jangly guitars, affecting the best of The Smiths, can be found through this 11-track collection, as can some seriously sultry synths and Don Henley-style drum parts. In fact, it would seem that the 80s played a major role in the creation of this record.

‘Burden’ offers one of the year’s most stunning riffs, a twinkling and rippling masterpiece that almost immediately surpasses anything else in the song that follows. To single out this one song is pretty unfair, however, as this whole damn record is just so pretty. It pains me that I can’t really get more descriptive than that, but I would be hard pressed to find another album that sounds even half as lovely as Routines that has been released this year.

Hoops isn’t exactly a revolutionary act. Routines, as I alluded to before, wouldn’t have been out of place in the music world a little less than a decade ago. But that doesn’t make it stale by any means, nor does it undermine the quality of the music. This is a lush, superb set of songs that can and should soundtrack countless summers. Who wouldn’t want to groove with some friends to the flawless melodies put forth here? Few albums will deserve more play than this one this summer.

Hoops is just getting off the ground, so the time for experimentation and playing around with their formula can be a little bit down the line. For now, we’ve been gifted a damn fine collection of songs and we would be remiss to not soak them in.