The first thing you notice is the range of genres this album touches upon when listening to Lp1 by HundredMillionThousand.

Although it could be characterised as hip-hop, or minimal hip-hop, it is neither of those; it actually flirts with musical themes and ideas from all over the world. Here, synth-pop meets industrial sounds, and dubstep or hip-hop samples combine with oriental sounds, with throwbacks to Indian raga music and its beautiful sitar sounds. The album simply doesn't borrow itself to "typecasting". There is something for everyone, regardless of musical taste, but it is done in such a way that doesn't seem forced or unnecessary.

Right from the captivating opener, 'Yalda', through the eerie instrumental 'Serbians', all the way to the magnetic 'D'om', 'Exalted' and 'Tunnelism', you can feel the strong creative personality behind the tracks. The minimalist approach in which the songs are handled really adds to the atmosphere of the album, enabling you to plunge deeper and wander off into the unknown. The last three pieces are probably lesser works on the album, but they still manage to be a part of the whole, and not stand out as downright fillers.

The best aspect of this album, though, is a sense of composition which manages to come across in a clear, direct way. The songs are not just put together in a makeshift way, but rather thought out a great deal, each one with a reason to be included. Noel Jon, the producer, truly manages to compose the songs, and the fact that the music is electronic-based makes them even better. If this is what Jon created on a debut album, there are exciting things awaiting us in the future. His style is unique, confident and bold. By taking chances in unexpected places, the album gains in artistic quality and integrity.

Lp1 is an distinctive listen, full of dark alleys and unexpected turns. At moments, it may sound like it's going to be a somewhat dark, heavy listen, but it actually is what makes this album stand out. Borrowing from many musical traditions and styles, whether you like minimal, synth-pop, or hip-hop - you'll be immediately drawn into this album full of rhythms and harmonies, without the slightest desire to leave.