After making appearances on Drake’s More Life, the Black Panther soundtrack, and Kali Uchis Isolation, Jorja Smith has earned her spot on the radar. Lost & Found is a standout entry into its arena, with songs that feel honest and sentimental.

The title track ‘Lost & Found’ has a jazz band backing Smith’s vocals with neo-soul and funk-rooted melodies. Smith sings on the complications of her feelings “Why do we all fall down with innocence?” This debut holds back from abstractions and cuts straight to the point of the feelings that Smith channels into her work.

Love and expectations carry through most of the themes in Lost & Found. On ‘Teenage Fantasy’ Smith sings earnestly about her problems with high hopes for love at an early age, “When we are young we all want someone who we think is the one, just to fit in.” Though Smith is 21 she sings simply about complex feelings, channeling human interaction through a lens of empathy. The genuine style of Smith’s soul is reminiscent of the likes of Erykah Badu and Alicia Keys.

Even Smith’s darker lyrics have an underlying note of self-reflection and analysis. “Tell me why you can’t control the feelings you desire, burning on my bridges as you said my world’s on fire,” sings Smith on ‘Wandering Romance.’ Her poetry behind just one debut album leaves an important starting point in Smith’s career; with this structure of personal touch and smooth jazz vocals Smith is aimed to move towards success if an era where neo-soul is thriving.

In some stand out moments on Lost & Found Smith raps on issues surrounding social commentary like on ‘Blue Lights,’ a track centered on police brutality. The single was first released in January 2016 and it still remains relevant today. “You got blood on your hands, but you don’t know where it’s from. You’d better run when you hear the sirens coming.” Smith puts the soft vocals aside to speak on issues close to home. The songs on this debut are an extension of her perception of the world around her.

Smith curated these tracks to showcase her insecurities to fans that will relate to the transparency of her work. Lost & Found is a strong foundation for the up-and-coming Smith and her R&B fused experiences. The gushing warmth of her emotion resonates into a digestible, easy listening album. As Smith sings “Are you aware when you set me free? All I can do is let my heart bleed” on the closing track ‘Don’t Watch Me Cry,’ she knows that we’ll yearn for the next project that heals with soft jazz melodies and translucent release.