Highly Intoxicated doesn't just make sense, this needed to happen. It's unlikely Juicy J makes your Top 5 DOA, but this man has been more doggedly consistent – moreover, relevant – than perhaps anyone else aside from, well, Snoop Dogg. Evolving from sinister Three 6 Mafia figurehead, to Oscar winner with the same crew, all the way into his recent incarnation as Kingpin of Turn Up™, something of a molly rap George Clinton alongside the younger scene. It was never forced, he always fit the scene, simply altering his drug-fueled depravity from devilish to joyous.

Meanwhile, producers Suicideboys have long been mining Three 6's back catalog into a sizable cult following. Some take issue with a bunch of white boys adopting such a brand of rap, but even if clumsy, their music must be accepted as at least earnest. While their song craft may leave something to be desired by those outside of the converted, there has never been much disputing that the younger collective knows their way around a Three 6-type beat.

Hence why it's almost a surprise this project didn't happen sooner. When Juicy boasts on the intro that many newcomers’ “New shit sound like his old shit,” he could easily be addressing the Suicideboys themselves, yet, here they are producing the very soundscape he glides over, legitimizing their extended tribute of a career and gracing Juicy with the sort of beats he was just meant to consume.

As for Juicy J himself, he has been releasing new material near constantly since Stay Trippy in 2013, seeming to try and force enough momentum for the release of his long-delayed proper studio follow up. While nary a mixtape he's released since has been negligible, someone alert Wiz and his label cronies: the time is now. Highly Intoxicated is the most urgent a J project has sounded in some time, taking no prisoners with its constant barrage of beats and renewed energy from its curator and bevy of guests.

As always, Juicy J was savvy and open to a bunch of new faces, leading to highlights and groans alike. Cardi B rides her current wave and gets nasty with it to great effect on ‘Kamasutra’, while Rae Sremmurd's Slim Jxmmi takes a star turn on late-tape highlight ‘Get Back’. On the other hand, Juicy seems to have missed the scandal with xxxtentacion, who regrettably still shows up post-court leaks. However, at least his spot serves a purpose: xxx sounds truly small and lost on a Southside beat, unable to keep up removed from his own faux Papa Roach vibes.

Meanwhile, more established faces, from longtime Three 6 associate Project Pat, to the favorites of several years ago, such as A$AP Rocky and Rick Ross, are more content to simply hold their ground, keeping the party moving. Even label boss / bff Wiz Khalifa manages to make yet another song about weed and partying without sleepwalking through it, on the fun, sing-song back and forth ‘Always High’.

In short, this is the perfect mixtape to close out the summer; moody rager vibes fit for any late night jam out. As to whether these songs will stick around on next summer's playlist is anyone's guess, but then, Juicy will surely have another tape or two (God willing, an album) to inspire new sparks. After all, he's never really been about the long game: Juicy J is all about the moment.