If there’s a formula for making music that’s exhausting in all the right ways, Drinking Boys and Girls Choir have nailed it. On their debut album, Keep Drinking!!, the trio of Daegu, South Korea punks are brimming with energy. It starts with their exclamatory album title and continues through their vivid artwork to their rush that is their music. When all’s said and done, you need to take a breather, but it comes with the satisfaction of getting a good workout in.

In the works since 2017 (recording was delayed due to drummer Myeongjin Kim recovering from a broken tailbone in a vehicular accident), Keep Drinking!! is a testament to the power of collaboration in punk. Vocals range from gently melodic to hard-charging but gleeful, often with different voices piling atop one another to create hooks within hooks. Bondu Seo’s guitar shreds, strums, and sings while the drums provide some of the most tantalizing fills I’ve heard in a minute. Even Meena Bae’s bass gets plenty of opportunities to shine, like on the opening bars of ‘The Choir’.

Tuneful without being defanged and aggressive without being agonizing, Keep Drinking!! shows just how much intent matters when it comes to making energetic music. Anyone who’s fucked around in their parents’ basement long enough can knock out some competent shredding and drum rolls, but Drinking Boys and Girls Choir are the rare breed who can channel that energy into proper songs of varying lengths. Less than half of the 18 tracks here pass the two-minute range, but they’re able to find purpose and dimensionality on all of them. They can even fuse together different mindsets and make it seamless as can be, like how 'Stay Here' shifts between a reggae-tinged mellow and charging into fury. Though sung primarily in Korean, the vocal variety and enthusiasm mean that the emotions are never lost in translation. The one track featuring English lyrics, ‘You Hate Me,’ is a feisty highlight.

Between their rampant energy (which sounds like it was recorded live in one take) and song titles like ‘I’m a Fucking McDonalds' and 'Just Fucking Me', Keep Drinking!! is teeming with unapologetic youthful abandon. There are also detours they pull off quite well, such as the jangly ‘Let Me Lost.’ At the heart of all great punk is the sense that nothing matters to its creators more than being able to express themselves. Drinking Boys and Girls Choir accomplish this, one riff at a time.