The real star of Mura Masa isn't a pale kid with a blonde bowl cut and drum sticks. It's a black woman from London with just 375 Twitter followers.

Fans of the 21-year-old Guernsey-based electronic producer may not have expected that when they entered the sold-out Danforth Music Hall on a fittingly rainy night in Toronto. The trademarked synthetic flutes and keys from the multi-instrumentalist’s acclaimed self-titled debut album were enough to show up for but acted mainly as a soaring landscape for one woman to display her extensive and relentless talent from the start of the whirlwind show to finish. And her name is Fliss.

From intimate raves to huge festival slots, the sold-out venue was the perfect medium to close out a lengthy North American tour in support of Mura Masa’s LP, which dropped in July. By now, the impressive soundsmith has made his way around the globe off the strength of his defining, yet ultimately heterogeneous sound, raking in a inclusive and varied fan-base. The crowd was as diverse as the producer’s collaborative Rolodex, which includes names like Charli XCX, A$AP Rocky, Christine and the Queens and Damon Albarn. But rather than just offering a basic producer-oriented show that included visuals and a pivot between bass to drums to keyboard to construct his beats, Mura Masa introduced the crowd to the force that is Fliss – a relatively enigmatic London-based artist, who demanded attention and made every single song her own as if it was her name written in lights behind her.

Already seasoned, Fliss belted out Masa fan-favourites like ‘1 Night,’ ‘What If I Go’ and ‘Love$ick’ as she whipped her braids around and contorted her body like a seasoned athlete, as the sporadic lights formed silhouettes on the Toronto venue’s vast concrete walls. Without saying much, Alex Crossan just let her go. As a clear star, it was jarring that Fliss’ performance was undoubtedly a more passionate effort than most artists currently touring this past year – yet many fans are aren't even aware of her name.

While Mura Masa may offer the sonics and aesthetic behind the brand, Fliss makes it tangible during his live show. And as the driving force behind the incredible tour, she deserves as much credit.