Bursting out with a psychedelic cover of Nancy Sinatra’s ‘Bootz (are made for walkin’), NANCY’s debut EP Mysterious Visions is dripping with a grimy vitality. This first track flips familiarity on its head and shows off NANCY’s unique sense of nostalgia-tinged theatricality.

Retro vibes abound here and the romantic ‘French Cinnamon’ is straight from a James Bond credit sequence; all sharp horns, suave keys and NANCY’s gruff drawn out wails of “those memories will tear you apart.” It’s a fine line between classy and trashy and it treads it expertly.

A haze of drugged lo-fi scuzz clouds the record and can at times be a nuisance, but it ties together what would otherwise be a collection of incredibly disparate songs. What Mysterious Visions definitely showcases is NANCY’s knack for creativity.

These are some of the most original tracks you’ll have heard in a while and signal the arrival of a talent who could go in any direction. From the radio friendly pop of first single ‘Teenage Fantasy’ to the melancholic ‘Try To Take Time’ to the spasmodic closer ‘I’m Not Getting Sober, I’m Just Getting Older (Helluva Guy)’.

In short, NANCY’s debut EP struts onto the scene with a clatter of leathery noise and a side of elegance, it's often thrilling, and always interesting.