Years ago, Zachary Corsa and his wife Denny played together in an experimental/electronic group called Lost Trail, a project that, for various reasons, stalled and fell apart, mostly due to Corsa becoming consumed with the project to the point both his health and his personal relationships began to suffer. He and Denny were able to salvage themselves from the fallout and regrouped as Nonconnah, which thankfully seems to be taking off for them. More importantly, they seemed to have found the right creative outlet.

Though their Bandcamp offers a pretty hefty amount of releases, Dead Roses, Digged Up Zombies, Broken Pieces Of Diamonds, Live Cats is billed as their "first truly realized project" and it spares no expense in making a lasting first impression (the guest list alone features some pretty impressive collaborators from members of Deerhoof, White Lung, and A Silver Mt. Zion to Lori Goldston of Nirvana all making appearances).

Taken from a friend’s young child describing what was in her heart, verbatim, Dead Roses, Digged Up Zombies, Broken Pieces Of Diamonds, Live Cats is a sprawling and sometimes jarring mix of human emotion often with childlike curiosity that spans 21 songs, barely missing the one-hour mark. The protracted nature may seem a bit much in our era of newsfeed scrolling attention spans, and for some, it might be easier listening to a few songs at a time. But it's worth taking the time to explore everything that the music has to offer.

Despite "ambient" being one of many tags associated with the Nonconnah's music, this isn't exactly something you can throw on in the background to soundtrack a house cleaning session or a trip through the supermarket. The mix of field recordings, live instruments, and various samples all create something denser and demanding of your attention. On 'Ceiling To Ceiling Transmission Antenna' and 'This Fade Glow Of Ours', guitars, cellos, clarinets and field recordings are used to create what feels at first like hushed moments of uncomplicated beauty when in fact they offer something more rich and complex capable of coaxing surprisingly deep emotions to the surface.

When Nonconnah turns to explore the boundaries of using noise as another form of creative expression, they manage to do so without sacrificing their knack for creating at times heart-wrenching melodies. In fact, 'The Light Of A Dead Star Is Not Something To Fuck Around With' and 'Path Of Totality/Rapture Drugs' both sound like they are on the verge dissolving in real time, with guitars fighting to be heard through layers of heavy noise and static. But rather than allowing it to simply smother everything in its path, the webs of noise allow little holes for the underlying melodies to escape through, resulting in something unsettling but strangely compelling at the same time.

The dualities of emotions are what ties everything together, and knowing their backstory, it isn't hard to read into those dualities as being inspired by their own struggles as artists. At times it can feel overly ambitious, but the burst of so much creativity in a single space also feels like a joyous response to the hardships they overcame, and that's something that's hard not to get swept up in.