Peggy Gou is one of the most pervasive presences in dance music— that much is clear. She’s proved to be an artist who truly knows how to successfully navigate the current state of the electronic music industry. One look at her social media profiles— especially her Instagram— and we can see that DJing/producing is only part of her career. A thriving model and brand ambassador, Gou has partnered with some of the most prolific brands around, namely Nike, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, and others. In many ways, she’s high-fashion’s gateway into the dance scene, for better or for worse. Of course, she’s not the only person doing it, and there have been others before her who have taken on a similar role, however I think it’s fair to say she’s currently reveling in the limelight, pretty much in a league of her own.

I’ve read several pieces, comments, and blog posts that have remarked how it isn’t necessarily fair to Gou that writers often choose to talk about her extra-musical endeavors in their write-ups, however I’d offer the opposite sentiment. To be blunt, I’d consider it a disservice to Gou to ignore her explorations in fashion, given how hard she’s inevitably worked to achieve such a dedicated following. Additionally, Gou recently debuted her own fashion line, Kirin, just as she recently debuted her record label, Gudu Records, with the Moment EP. She seems to be taking these steps side-by-side, cultivating an essential connection between her fashion and music related efforts.

The Moment EP itself is only two tracks, both of which serve a similar purpose within a DJ mix. Light, silky, and playful, they invite the listener— or, in some cases, the dancer— to close their eyes and picture their life as a fantasy— frankly, it’s hard to imagine these track anywhere other than a beach, so let’s go with a beach fantasy. Regardless, the warm rhythms and atmospheres culminate in what is surely going to be a heavily rinsed record this summer.

Unfortunately, although pleasant, the EP lacks the adventurous elements needed to take it to the next level. In other words, Moment feels too comfortable. The opening track, ‘Starry Night,’ features optimistic piano stabs and soft vocal croons, yet the track has no surprises, and feels rather formulaic. ‘Han Pan’ follows a similar strategy, featuring clangy, vibrant percussion, a straightforward rhythm, and Gou’s smooth vocal inflections. The tunes certainly serve their purpose, but at Gou’s point in her career, I would expect her to be taking more chances in her productions.

I have no doubt that Moment will be one of the most frequently played records of the summer, and Gou’s decision to release it at such a time was absolutely the right move. I’m excited to see where the artist goes next in her work, whether it be in fashion or in music.