Andrea Silva is not quite a lone wolf, but her new EP oozes with solitude and melancholy. She creates music under the moniker Loyal Lobos and is currently based in Los Angeles after departing her home country of Colombia several years ago. It was the demise of a relationship that sent her couch surfing and into self-reflection. Now her experiences are tied up in soft melodies as part of The Fall EP, a perfectly contemplative debut.

To Silva, heartbreak is necessary. “There’s such beauty in sadness,” she said. “People forget that. There has to be darkness for there to also be light.” Embracing her own emotions to form the songs on her new release, she was able to find a new appreciation for life and for love. Images of being buried alive shock and soothe on 'Dirt,' which embodies self-destruction. 'Swim' reaches acceptance, though Silva’s head remains bowed as she sings, “I've grown tired from it all.”

Her voice can feel like being hit with a breeze at the top of a canyon—it is gentle, yet an immense weight can be felt on all sides. Her songwriting style draws on emotion at its heart, winding a chorus and bridge around those focal points. Even the song titles can give insight into Silva’s personality: they read like begrudging, one-word answers from someone who does not want to over-explain how they feel.

Loyal Lobos has always intended for the music to speak for itself. In 'Wrong,' giddy percussion meets the heavy chords that are found throughout The Fall EP. And the title track brings out the best of the entire show. It moves forward without flinching, acknowledging the difference between the journey and the destination as it applies to her own heartbreak; sometimes we idealize even painful relationships for no reason other than complacency. We fear change, and when it comes, it makes us sad. But Silva enjoys the feeling.