Surf Curse is an indie rock duo of LA-based songwriters Nick Rattigan and Jacob Rubeck who’ve previously released 2015’s debut LP Buds and 2017’s sophomore effort Nothing Yet. On the band’s third record, Heaven Surrounds You, the pair expands their eclectic sound to what is their most seasoned album thus far. It's an honest and sometimes painful journey through the uncertainties of life, but it also offers up true beauty that’s waiting to be discovered.

Combining indie rock, dream-pop, tinges of lo-fi, mild garage-rock and art-rock, the record flourishes with sonically captivating arrangements. Greatly influenced by their penchant for cult films, Heaven Surrounds You is the band’s most sonically layered album in the scope of achieving a cinematic resonance basking in coming of age perplexity and the vulnerability found in adulthood.

Opening track ‘Maps to the Stars’ is a jangly-rock effort that’s a dancing affair right from the start. ‘Labyrinth’ is an energetic jaunt unleashing reverb-laden guitars and pulsating drums. ‘Disco’ is a glossy gem with gleaming guitars and tight drums. It's the most danceable track here, lifting the spirits above the usual deep-in-thought moments most of the record ensues. All in all, it's an intoxicating track fueled by passion and spirited arrangements.

‘River's Edge’ is a mini journey in itself. A lush, visceral sonic component to Heaven Surrounds You, the track is also brimming with harrowing reflection. Lost within and outside yourself, ‘River's Edge’ let's you know you can be bigger than what the world has in store. ‘Midnight Cowboy’ is a feverish, guitar-strumming tune that will have your head bobbing and toes tapping along to the infectious beat. Surf Curse get aid from violinist Eliza Bagg of Pavo Pavo on tracks such as ‘Opera’ and ‘Trust.’ Both tracks invoke pure emotional depth through inspired lyrics and ethereal melodies.

The finale and arguably the best track off the record is ‘Jamie.’ Not only is it entirely catchy, but beautifully put together. It’s a vital piece to Heaven Surrounds You; deeply introspective as it feels like a confession. The repeated lyric “I love the people in my life, all my friends keep me alive” comes in about halfway through that leads into a glorious final two minutes. The track is powerful and emotive, rejuvenating listeners to feel and love again. It’s a revelation and the most memorable track this record has to offer.

The odyssey is close to 40 minutes, but sticks around with you well beyond that duration. Heaven Surrounds You pushes you outside your comfort zone, suggesting this call to action to breakthrough this world. Still, underneath the melodic layers is a balance of chaotic beauty and the pursuit of solace. It's a true listening experience, which is increasingly more infrequent these days. Heaven Surrounds You is a testament to your own will and power to move with the flow of life's consistent offerings, both positive and negative.