Do you consider yourself as a bit of a card? Do you settle most of your arguments with pistols at dawn? Does not a week go by where you haven't slapped a rascal around the face with a leather glove? Then you're going to love Gentlemen!

Gentlemen! is a one screen, two player game for iPad and Android that pits players against each other, head to head, with a range of weapons. Their goal? To thrash the other player before getting thrashed themselves. It's a subtle blend of tactical thinking and mindless violence, with a heady aroma of Victoriana.

Now you can get the chance to get your hands on a free copy, but there is a catch: you need to be willing to write a couple of paragraphs about your experience with the game to be published on The 405. We have three codes to give away, and we will need your reviews within 7-10 days of you receiving the free code. If that sounds like something you'd like to do for a freebie, then email

Gentlemen! is released by Lucky Frame and is available now for iPad on the iTunes App Store for £1.99.